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    Ammonium Metavanadate; Ammonium Meta-Vanadate

  • 5000mt/Month
  • L/C, T/T
  • Shanghai, China
  • 7803-55-6
  • Ammonium Metavanadate
    Appearance: White Powder
    1) NH4VO3: 98%min
    Si: 0.2%max
    Fe: 0.3%max
    S: 0.04%max
    Al:0.1% max
    Cl:0.2% max
     As: 0.01%max
    Na2O+K2O: 0.3%max

    2)NH4VO3: 99%min
    Si: 0.1%max
    Fe: 0.1%max
    S: 0.03%max
    Al:0.05% max
    Cl:0.01% max
    As: 0.01%max
    Na2O+K2O: 0.2%max

    3)NH4VO3: 99.5%min
    Si: 0.08%max
    Fe: 0.08%max
    S: 0.02%max
    Al:0.03% max
    Cl:0.1% max
    As: 0.01%max
    Na2O+K2O: 0.01%max
    Ammonium Metavanadate; Ammonium Meta-Vanadate

    Property: slightly yellowish crystalline powder.Melting point is 200 ºC.Slightly soluble with cold water, hot ethanol and ethyl ether.Soluble in hot water and dilute ammonium hydroxide.Vanadium pentoxide when burned in air.Poisonous!Relative molecular weight: 116.98

    Application: mainly used as chemical reagent, catalyst, mordant, etc.Ceramic industry is widely used as glaze, can also be used to prepare vanadium pentoxide.

    Main harm: can cause blood circulation, respiratory organs, nervous system, metabolism and other aspects of change.

    CAS NO.7803-55-6
    H.S CODE:2841900090
    Packing: powder 25kg/40kg/50kg, bag/drum
    Shipment size: 20mt/20'FCL

    Density: 2.326

    Melting point: 200°C (473 K)

    Boiling point: decomposition

    Molecular weight: 116.9775 g·mol-¹



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