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    Hydrazine Hydrate

  • 2825101000
  • T/T; L/C
  • Shanghai,China
  • 7803-57-8
  • CAS No.: 7803-57-8

    H.S No.: 2825101000

    Molecular formula: H4N2.H2O

    Molecular Weight:50.06 

    Molecular structure:

                                                     H-N-N-H · H2O


    Properties: Physical and chemical properties of colorless liquid smoke, weakly alkaline, have a special foul-smelling, combustible. Melting point - 51.7 ℃. Boiling point 120.1 ℃. Flash point 73 ℃ (cup). Refractive index nD (20 ℃) 1.4280. Relative density d (21/4 ℃) 1.032. Extremely easily with the reduction of mercury, copper and other metal oxides and porous oxide contact, will be a fire break down. Can miscibility with water and ethanol insoluble in chloroform and ether. Can absorb carbon dioxide from the air. The material such as glass, rubber, and corrosive.


    Usage:  Hydrazine hydrate is an important chemical raw material, is the production, medicine, pesticide intermediates, dye, imaging agent, antioxidant agent of raw materials, also used in the manufacture of high purity metals, synthetic fiber and rare element separation, in addition or production of the explosive rocket fuel and raw materials.


    Package and storage: Using polyethylene plastic bucket or in epoxy resin coated steel drum packaging, packaging specifications have a barrel: 40 kg, 50 kg, 150 kg or 180 kg. Sealed store in a cool and dry ventilated place, in order to prevent sun point-blank, pay attention to the fire.



    Hydrazine monohydrate

     N2H4•H2O Content  %    ≥55

    Non Volatile Content%          ≤0.010

    Iron Content(Fe) %            ≤0.0005

    Heavy Metal(as Pb )%          ≤0.0005

    Chloride(as Cl )%              ≤0.001

    Sulfate(as SO4)%           ≤0.0005



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