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    Silica Gel; Silicon Dioxide; Desiccant

  • 5000mt/Month
  • L/C, T/T
  • Qingdao, China
  • 112926-00-8
  • Size:1-3mm,2-4mm,3-5mm
    Color: Blue silica gel, white silica gel and Orange silica gel and Cat litter silica gel

    White silica gel 2-5mm
    Adsorptive value:RH=20%:11.55min
    Loss of drying:1.59%max
    Qualified ratio of spherical granules,  98.0% min
    Bulk density, g/l  752 min
    Qualified size ratio, 97.5% min
    Still adsorption capacity, ml/g  N21.31 .CO2 29.6
    PH:  4.05
    Silica Gel; Silicon Dioxide; Desiccant

    Character: microporous silica gel is divided into microporous spherical silica gel and microporous massive silica gel.Spherical silica gel with fine pores has the appearance of colorless or yellowish transparent or translucent spherical particles, while massive silica gel with fine pores has the appearance of colorless or yellowish translucent irregular particles.Fine hole silica gel is also known as type A silica gel.
    Silica Gel; Silicon Dioxide; Desiccant

    USES: mainly used as desiccant, moistureproof beads, deodorant and adsorbent.It is widely used in the storage and transportation of instruments, instruments, equipment, leather, bags, shoes, textiles, food and medicine to control the relative humidity of the environment and prevent articles from being affected with damp, mildew and rust.It can be used as an air purifying agent because of its characteristics of high bulk density and obvious hygroscopic effect under low humidity.It is also widely used in the sea transportation, because the goods are often affected by damp due to the high temperature in the process of transportation, the product can effectively remove dampness and moisture, so that the quality of the goods is guaranteed.



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